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August 20, 2018

How do i check windows version and Activation?

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Q: How do i check windows version and Activation?

A: win+R,input winver will see the windows version.

    win+R,input slmgr.vbs -xpr will see Activation state.

After you know your windows version,you can purchase corresponding version of product key,to ensure activated smoothly.

September 22, 2017

How do I restore the hard disk data?

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Q: my Hitachi 40GB laptop hard drive suddenly can not be identified, I installed it to the USB mobile hard disk box can not be used. Now the hard disk does not matter, mainly the data inside is very important, what are the ways to restore the hard disk data?

Answer: this situation is more complicated. First of all, it is necessary to judge whether the circuit board of the hard disk is damaged: if the hard disk does not rotate when it is powered on, then it is likely to be a fault in the circuit board. As for the hard disk which is damaged by the circuit board, the data of the hard disk can be saved completely after replacing the circuit board. If it is not a circuit board fault, then it is likely to be a hard disk internal problems, such as head and motor failure. For individual users, such failures are almost impossible to deal with and can only be assisted by professional data recovery providers.

September 18, 2017

The difference between amd dual core and Intel dual core

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Q: now Intel and AMD have launched their own dual core processor, but recently I saw on the Internet about the authenticity of the dual core AMD dual core processor, emphasize their “true dual core”, and said the dual core processor Intel only “dual core” products, is not the true sense of the dual core CPU, what is it?

A; Intel and AMD dual core CPU product is not the same, the main difference between them in the internal structure of CPU: AMD dual core CPU (Opteron) two in the kernel are integrated into the same core (Die), each kernel have exclusive I/O bandwidth, can achieve a smaller in latency, and provide greater room for expansion, so that can be easily extended to become multi core duo. Intel’s dual core processor only encapsulates two separate cores, which share a system front end bus. Compared with Intel’s dual core CPU, AMD’s dual core products provide compatibility with the old motherboard under the premise of guaranteed performance, that is, as long as the BIOS is refreshed, you can use the dual core CPU on the existing Socket939 motherboard. The dual core CPU of Intel requires a new motherboard to cooperate, and the two cores share the front end bus.

September 17, 2017

How to use fdisk

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Some friends of the hard disk partition and how to use Fdisk to partition and use “Wizard” to adjust the partition is not very clear, I’m on the hard disk partition briefly, and introduces how to use Fdisk to partition and use “Wizard” to adjust the partition.
I. Basic knowledge of partitioning
1. primary partition, extended partition, logical partition
The main partition of a hard disk, that is, the hard disk partition that contains the files and data necessary to start the operating system. The hard disk must have a primary partition to install the operating system on the hard disk.
Extended partitions, that is, partitions other than the primary partition, cannot be used directly, and must be partitioned into several logical partitions. Logical partitioning, that is, we usually see D, E, F and other disks in the operating system.
2. partition format
The format is equivalent to a lattice in the white paper, and this partition format is like this “lattice” style, a different operating system called the “lattice” is not the same way, at present the Windows partition format including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS operating system, including almost all of the support FAT16. But the FAT16 partition format hard disk is inefficient, so the partition format is very rarely used today.
FAT32 uses a 32 bit file allocation table to greatly enhance its disk management capabilities. It is the most frequently used partition format, and Win98/Me/2000/XP supports it. In general, when partitioning, King suggests that you’d better set the partitions in FAT32 format so that you can get maximum compatibility.
The advantage of NTFS is its excellent security and stability. However, except for WinNT/2000/XP, other operating systems can not recognize the partition format, so it is not possible to see partitions in this format in DOS or Win9X.
3. zoning principle
No matter what kind of partitioning software, we give a new hard disk partition set must follow the following order: to establish a primary partition to create partition extended logical partitions, to establish a primary partition to partition all formatting activation. {this.resized=true; this.width=screen.width*0.7; screen.width*0.7)’hand’this.alt=’Click here to open new; window\nCTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in/out’;} “border=0” src= “>
Two, partition with Fdisk
The simplest partitioning software is not “Fdisk” in the “Windows startup floppy disk”.
Tip: the Fdisk version attached to the Win98 boot disk is older and can’t recognize a large hard disk with a capacity of more than 64GB. Have access to the Internet users, can also go to the Microsoft web site to download the Win98 boot disk correction program boot disk to install the program after the amendment made, will be able to more than 64GB of hard disk partition.

September 15, 2017

GeForce 6600 introduction

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Q: I recently wanted to configure a computer, because I like computer games, so I want a cost-effective graphics card, can you tell me about the game graphics card on the market?

Answer: now the graphics card products on the market are relatively rich, and the performance of each has its own characteristics, here I recommend you GeForce 6600 series.
The launch of NVIDIA GeForce 6600 in the market has been in existence for a long time, while the GeForce 6600 after a lot of new products appear, but as ordinary consumers GeForce 6600 is still more appropriate choice, because new products emerge in an endless stream of GeForce 6600 price, fell to a relatively low level, and many manufacturers have introduced a overclocking version of the GeForce 6600 products, and these products edition in terms of technology, still have obvious advantages in performance, coupled with the price advantage, so it is one of the new users preferred products.

September 14, 2017

How is memory bandwidth calculated?

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Q: see the newspaper often introduces memory and memory bandwidth, I want to know whether they are how to calculate? What is the relationship between it and frequency and bit? Which is more important?

Answer: memory bandwidth calculation formula: bandwidth = memory, clock frequency * memory bus number * multiplying factor /8. In the current DDR400 memory as an example, its operating frequency is 200MHz, the data bus number is 64bit, the rising edge and falling edge of the transmission of data, so the multiplication coefficient is 2, the bandwidth is 200 x 64 x 2/8 = 3.2GB/s (if it is a dual channel, two memory bandwidth is composed of the 6.4 GB/s). It is obvious that the operating frequency can hardly be doubled and raised at the present level of technology. At this point, the number and multiplication factor of data buses are a breakthrough point in technology.
To remind, in the purchase card, do not just look at the memory size, but also pay attention to the factors of memory interface, unless there are special requirements, 64bit video card game player we are not recommended to buy.

September 12, 2017

AGP Aperture Size

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Q: I will contact the computer for more than 1 years, a “AGP Aperture Size” option found on the motherboard BIOS, I turn it off, the system becomes unstable, if the value is set larger, less effect, this option is what role?

Answer: actually, this is a set of options for regulating the main memory size of the video card sharing system. Generally speaking, the motherboard BIOS is the default, and the value is 64MB. Although the card has a memory, but with 3D graphics have become increasingly demanding, by adjusting the value of Size AGP Aperture, also can improve performance by using some system memory. If your graphics card is not bad, then this value is set too large, has lost meaning, and can not play a greater role, but occupied the system’s main memory capacity. If your graphics card is not very good, then set too low, when running large 3D graphics, there will be instability and crashes. As you describe, I suggest you keep the factory default.

September 11, 2017

Primaster harddisk: S.M.A.R.T. status BAD

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Q: every time I boot the computer, there will always be such a line “Primaster harddisk:, S.M.A.R.T., status, BAD, Backup, and, Replace, press, to, resume, F1” after stopping self check, click the “F1” to continue. At first I thought the hard drive was out of order, so I quickly made a backup copy. Then every time it was switched on, it has been going on for more than a year. Excuse me: why is that? Is there any danger? What should I do?
Answer: S.M.A.R.T. is the automatic detection and analysis and report technology (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Report Technology), this technique can be the head unit, the disc motor on the hard disk drive system, the internal circuit and hard disk surface media materials such as monitoring, monitoring and analysis of the S.M.A.R.T. when the hard disk problems may arise when timely alarm to users in order to avoid computer data loss. Your computer is obviously telling the hard disk that there is a risk. Even if this report is not fully trusted, you should pay enough attention to it. It is recommended that you back up the data in time, as the reported hard disk can be damaged at any time. I suggest you do the disk scan immediately, check whether the hard disk has bad sectors or other problems, such as corruption or other problems as soon as possible to deal with. If there is no problem, but also want to cancel the “F1”, “del” can boot into the BIOS settings, find “Advanced BIOS Features (advanced BIOS features)” under “HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability”, set it to “Disabled”, it will not boot on the hard disk S.M.A.R.T. test.

September 10, 2017

Win10 add network printer

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1. First open the control panel, and then click “view device” and “printer””.

2. Click Add Printer at the printer interface”.

3, click “the printer I need is not listed.””.

4, check “use TCP/IP address or host name to add printer.””.

5. Enter the IP address of the network printer and click next.

6, connect to the network printer, install the driver, generally from the network printer to obtain the driver, if not, you can download the relevant model of the Internet printer driver.
You can use the network printer when the installation is complete. You can set the network printer as the default printer in the printer settings of your computer.

September 8, 2017

What does “CL” mean?

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Q: what does “CL” mean? What do you mean by the CL=2 and CL=3 of the memory? What’s the difference between them? Is the memory bar of CL=2 better than the CL=3 memory bar?

Answer: CL is the abbreviation of Latency CAS CPU, refers to the actual start waiting time required to read data in the received data read a column memory address instruction, CL=2 refers to the waiting time for the 2 CPU clock cycle, while CL=3 is a 3 CPU clock cycle. For today’s high-speed CPU, the length of the 1 clock cycles is minimal. Therefore, regardless of CL=2 or CL=3 memory, users in the actual use is almost no sense of performance gap. And manufacturers in the production of memory, regardless of CL=2 or CL=3, are using the same raw materials and equipment. Only after the completion of production testing, pick out the high precision, when the CL=2 sell, the accuracy is relatively low, then when the CL=3 sell. In fact, a lot of memory sold as CL=3 can also work under CL=2.

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