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August 20, 2017

Beginning dump of physical memory

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Q: I have a new computer, the system is WindowsXP, recently installed ADSL broadband, using the globespan USB interface, external ADSL Modem. But the installation of ADSL Modem driver, system restart, blue screen phenomenon, at the same time with a “Beginning dump of physical memory” message window, but the ADSL Modem Windows2000 under normal use.

Answer: obviously, this is caused by ADSL, Modem, or driver incompatible with WindowsXP. If ADSL is Modem itself is not compatible with WindowsXP, can go to the official website to download the product with the latest firmware upgrade, if it is a problem with the driver, then to the website to download the latest WindowsXP driver installation. If the problem hasn’t been solved yet, then it’s only possible to replace other brands.

August 19, 2017

How does CPU Warning Temperature set?

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Q: my motherboard is abit BE7-G (i845PE chipset), there are two options on the CPU temperature of the BIOS, one is “CPU Warning Temperature” option, another is “CPU Shutdown Temperature”, the two options represent what meaning?

A: the two options a CPU alert (Warning Temperature), the temperature is another limit temperature (Thermal Trip), which refers to the core temperature of CPU, but the two represents the significance of different temperature. Warning temperature is to ensure the stable operation of CPU temperature; limit temperature is also called the highest core temperature (Maximum Die Temperature) or shutdown temperature, it is to prevent the burning of CPU temperature.
The warning temperature and the limiting temperature are determined by the manufacturing process, package form and packaging materials of CPU. To prevent the user from setting himself up, the manufacturer (such as Intel) writes the two temperatures into the ROM in the CPU internal TCC (Thermal, Control, Circuit, temperature control circuitry), and the user cannot modify them. Now a lot of motherboard BIOS can also set the alarm temperature and shutdown temperature, but optional numerical conservative, such as warning the maximum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, the shutdown temperature is 85 DEG C, which is far lower than the set value in TCC.

August 18, 2017

What is the CPU cache?

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Q: Recently, friends often ask what the CPU cache is What types of CPU caches do you have?

Answer: the CPU cache can greatly enhance the CPU internal data reading efficiency, so it is an important index to measure the performance of CPU, including L1 Cache (a cache), L2 Cache (two level cache) and L3 Cache (three level cache) three, where L1 Cache is the first layer of CPU cache, due to the factors the CPU manufacturing process, L1 cache capacity is generally small. The L1 cache capacity of a general CPU is typically around 32KB~256KB. L2 Cache is the second layer cache of CPU, and L2 cache capacity has a great impact on the performance of CPU. Generally speaking, the bigger the better, and the L2 Cache used now is generally CPU in 256KB~2MB. L3 Cache (three level cache) can further reduce memory latency, and can also enhance the ability of CPU to process large amounts of data. With the full popularity of 64 bit processors, Intel has added high-speed L3 to Itanium 2 (CPU 2) and P4EE in order to further improve its performance.

August 17, 2017

How to achieve the PureVideo video card?

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I like to watch HD movies very much, so I bought a GeForce 6600LE video card, which supports PureVideo technology. How can I implement the PureVideo function in the video movie? Also, how do you set the anti interleaving effects of PureVideo?
Answer: to experience PureVideo technology advantage, in addition to have a support PureVideo graphics card, you also need to install the necessary software, first install the 67.01 version of the ForceWare driver must, then you must install a NVIDIA DVD Decoder decoder, the decoder can NVIDIA to download the official website, also need to install Windows Media Player 10 player, and the version of the operating system must ensure that Windows is XP or higher. To set the PureVideo cross function, can enter the graphics driver interface, find the “interlacing” option, you can find Automatic, Film, Video and Smart four models, the Smart model (for advanced users are very familiar with the video format selection).

Memory can not be identified, how to do?

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Maintenance experience: long-term use of the computer host, which will inevitably accumulate too much dust, resulting in memory module contact bad, so that originally inserted two memory host, the system can only identify one of them.
The case succinctly: the author is Tsinghua Tongfang brand machine unit used in computer, the original is a 128MB memory, then add a 128MB memory upgrade to 256MB. Use has been normal. Until a few days ago, it was obvious that the speed was down, and when you looked at the system properties, you only found that there was 128MB of memory. There is also a memory bar that cannot be identified.
Solution: open the box to find it full of dust, the data line through the clutter, the two will pull down the memory, brush the memory and the memory slot on the thick dust carefully removed, and then the rubber finger wipe the memory again, and then plug in memory, boot, problem solving.
Maintenance summary: this fault enlightens us, dust on the computer and other precision electronic equipment of greater impact, often caused by a variety of nameless fault culprit. In daily use, we should pay attention to keep clean, and when we encounter problems, we should also think of solving this problem first.

August 15, 2017

What is the relationship between DDR2 and GDDR2/3?

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Q: I often see the introduction of “computer”, so graphics by using high speed GDDR2 or GDDR3 memory, GDDR2/3 memory is the memory does not DDR2 version or DDR3?

A: this view is wrong. A high speed GDDR2/3 memory card is currently on the particles using DDR2 particles. GDDR’s original intention was “high speed DDR particles for video cards”. GDDR2 and DDR2 also use 1.8V’s operating voltage, but the former has too much heat when it works in high frequency environment, and has been gradually eliminated by the market. GDDR3 memory particle re design, is still a kind of DDR2 particles, the difference is the working voltage is reduced to 1.4V, thus greatly ease the disadvantages of operating at high frequency heat. Although the recent Samsung and Infineon have developed a “DDR3” particle (the new generation of particles will use 8bit pre reading technology), but the true sense of the DDR3 standard has not yet been introduced.

August 14, 2017

The problem of memory mix plug incompatibility

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Q: a brand machine, configured as P III, 800MHz, 815E motherboard, HY128MB memory, and later added a 128MB memory, but the total memory capacity of the motherboard recognized is only 128MB. After testing, on the computer, two memory can be used independently, but only recognize 128MB when used together. What’s the matter, please?
A: the compatibility of these two memory problems, it is proposed to replace the new memory for the use of HY chip products, the fault can be resolved. Due to the difference in electrical performance, there may be compatibility problems between memory bars, which are more likely to occur in the case of different brands of memory mixed interpolation. Therefore, when you use two or more than two memory bars, you should try to choose the same brand and model products. If you can not buy the same with the original memory products, should make full use of the good reputation of the market mainstream brand memory, they are generally through special matching and compatibility testing systems, can achieve or exceed industry standards in design and quality, components, reliability, consistency and compatibility are guaranteed.

August 13, 2017

What happens if the sound card doesn’t make a sound?

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My computer uses a PCI sound card, and the system is Win2000. After installing the driver, the speaker can not make any noise. What is the reason?
Answer: the first to enter the device manager, check the sound card driver if there is a conflict, if there is a conflict, you can try the sound card and conflict equipment deleted, according to first install the sound card and put other equipment in order to re install the driver, let the system to automatically adjust the fault and the motherboard is assigned to interrupt card agreement. If you can not solve the problem of fault, may be related with the characteristics of the PCI card slot pick, some PCI sound in some motherboards can only work in certain PCI slot, PCI card other suggestions will be removed, and then try to find the sound card slot, until the slot can make sound work normally, and then install the other PCI equipment.

August 12, 2017

What is the DVI interface?

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DVI is called Digital Visual Interface, and its appearance is a 24 pin connector. The work principle of DVI is not complicated. Simply speaking, the digital signals generated by the computer are output directly to the display device without any conversion. Using the DVI interface on the LCD is superior to the traditional analog VGA interface. The LCD itself can only deal with digital information, if you use the VGA interface, you must put the input analog signal into digital signal, and the DVI is a digital transmission signal, digital image information without any conversion, directly transmitted to the display device, thus reducing the cumbersome conversion to digital analog to digital process, to avoid the loss of signal, which significantly improves the display effect, the performance of image clarity and detail are improved. At present, it has become the mainstream graphics card standard interface, and most of the high-end LCD display is also equipped with DVI digital interface.
VGA interface is a common display equipment, video signal transmission and connection interface. Generally blue, generally 15 pins, also known as D-sub interface. The flat panel display is commonly used for this interface, very complete, does not affect the image quality. But the liquid crystal display is not like this. Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a pure digital display device, which displays pure digital signals.
If you have a graphics card and monitor DVI (Digital Interface) white, then please, you use the DVI cable (24+1 pin or 24+5 pin) connecting them, so the video signal has been transmitted in digital mode, the display of pure, high quality image lifelike;
If you do not have DVI display and graphics interface, then you only use 15 pin D-sub VGA analog video signal cable (blue connector) in this connection, cable video signal is to simulate the transmission mode, so that the signal from the computer graphics to display will be digitally – “-” digital simulation the mode conversion will lose part, and the analog signal cable is more susceptible to electromagnetic interference, so the display screen display effect will certainly than digital connection mode has a certain gap. Analog signals may appear blurred or flickering in the presence of inconsistent timing or phase. Of course, there are many front-line manufacturers, such as PHILPS, has excellent analog circuit control technology, can make analog interface LCD display is very close to the effect of digital interface.
So why are there many LCDs that don’t have an DVI interface, or are many users not using the DVI interface? This is because most of these users have a ready – to – use hardware system that does not have a DVI interface, and in this case, the use of analog interfaces saves substantially the overall cost.
As for the two kinds of interface to implement conversion adapter, of course, if only the analog interface LCD display, conversion of signal or through a digital analog to digital conversion, “so, this conversion is of no significance. Now you should know what the DVI interface is.

August 11, 2017

LCD display dark how to do?

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Q: my motherboard is KT600 CPU, AMD AthlonXP 2500+, NVIDIA graphics for the FX5200, has recently replaced a 17 inch LCD display, but finds watching movies on the LCD display, LCD graphics driver in the dark, then enter the “color correction” option to adjust the brightness of the LCD display, but no matter how to adjust the movie screen, without any change, what is the reason?

Answer: for some of the old CRT display or a LCD display, the technical indexes of low, high demand coupled with its online video film is not clear or the game resolution, the picture must be dark, the effect is not ideal, seriously affecting the movie vision. In fact, in the graphics card driver, you can adjust the brightness of video playback. In case NVIDIA card (ATI card similar), enter the graphics driver panel “color correction” option, must be in “the color change is applied to” select “overlapping /VMR”, and then you can for the video movie “Brightness”, “contrast” of regulation. As for 845GL integrated graphics, to adjust the brightness of the video film when playing in driving, driving can enter the graphic attributes of “color” option, click “video overlay” (be careful not to select “desktop”, otherwise invalid, then you can set) for video movie “Brightness”, “contrast” and “chroma” adjusted.

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