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December 21, 2016

Reasonable setting up virtual memory

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For virtual memory files, Windows XP for security defaults always set a lot, wasted a lot of hard disk space, in fact, we can set it to a small value. The method is: in the control panel / system / advanced / performance / settings / advanced / virtual memory / change “to the virtual memory settings window, you first determine the page file in which drive letter, and then the other drive driver disable all page file. It is recommended that you set it to other partitions, rather than the default system where the partition, which can improve the page file read and write speed, is conducive to the rapid operation of the system. According to Microsoft, the page file should be set to 1.5 times the memory capacity, but if your memory is relatively large, so that the occupied space is also very impressive, and that if the memory capacity is below 256MB, is set to 1.5 times, the maximum and minimum value, if the above 512MB, half set the memory capacity is completely feasible.

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