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January 2, 2017

Enable DMA transfer mode

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The so-called DMA, that is, direct memory storage mode, refers to the computer peripheral equipment (mainly refers to the hard disk) can be directly exchanged with the memory data, so as to speed up the hard disk read and write speed, improve the speed of data transmission. For some reason, the Windows XP sometimes uses the PIO parallel input and output transmission mode on the IDE channel, rather than the DMA mode. If this is the case, the user can manually change the IDE channel to DMA mode, which can reduce the device occupied by the CPU cycle. The method is: right click “my computer” and select “properties”, select “hardware” tab, click the “device manager” button, open the “device manager”, then click “IDE ATA/ATAPI controller” branch, which “IDE controller” two “main channel and IDE” “IDE minor”, were selected, in order to enter the “attribute / advanced settings, the dialog box will list the current transfer mode IDE interface connected device, check the” transfer mode “drop-down menu, all of them with” DMA (if available), click “OK””.

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