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February 28, 2017

Setting the corresponding strategy of Windows XP when the system stops

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We can also set the normal system, when the system is abnormal stop, response measures Windows XP, for example, we can specify the computer automatically restart, the steps are as follows: right click “my computer”, select “properties” in the pop-up menu, open the “system properties” settings window, select the Advanced tab, open the “advanced” tab, in the “startup and recovery options in the area of??” click “Settings” button, open the “startup and recovery” dialog box, in the “system failure” option region, by enabling the check box to select the coping strategies after the failure of the system, in the “write debugging information” option area can be set up in the writing system debugging method, when information is set, click OK to return to the system properties dialog Box, and then click OK button.

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