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June 21, 2017

How does win7 cancel the boot password?

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When users in the use of the Win7 system, many computer users in order to protect the personal privacy and information security in the computer, so will set up a boot password to protect the computer, but in this way, users are required to enter a password when each boot, or it is very troublesome, so a lot of users it chose to cancel the computer password, but many users do not know how to perform these operations. So win7 how to cancel the boot password? Below let Xiaobian to introduce you, on the Win7 system boot password cracking specific methods of operation.

1 click the start menu, and then click the “control panel””;

2. Change the view in the control panel to “big icon”. Find the user account below and leave the button on the left;

3, click the “delete password” button;

4, in the delete password window, enter the original login password, and then click delete password”;

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