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June 23, 2017

How to check the win10 version?

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Right click on this computer (or this computer), select properties from the pop-up menu, and in the subsequent “system” window, we’ll see the version information of Windows (Figure 1). However, this information is a crude version number. As shown in figure, the version number of the Windows 10 Pro version, we can only see that it is a professional version of Windows 10, and the detailed version number is not shown here.

1, display the internal version number

The same version of the Windows 10, and due to the different stages of the upgrade, there are minor versions of the difference. Press the Win+R key, and then enter the WINVER command in the run dialog box and execute. In the subsequent “Windows” information window, a more detailed internal version number is given

In addition, when you enter the CMD command in the running window and start the command prompt window, we first see the version number of Windows, which contains the internal version number (Figure 4). If you run the SLMGR/DLV command in the command prompt window, you can also see the version of the software license service in the pop-up window. Run the “SYSTEMINFO FINDSTR BUILD | command to filter out the Build to create a version number.

If the CMD is “piggyback” display internal version number, so there is a more formal order, that is the MSINFO32 command, the command is executed in the run box, the system will pop up information display window, the front two display is the Windows version of the system name and internal version number

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