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June 27, 2017

Why do you press F1 when you turn on the PC?

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Q: my computer installed Windows XP, recently do not know how, always press F1 to continue to start each boot, I modify BIOS settings and save, but the next time the boot is according to the F1, please tell me why the boot according to F1?

Answer: This is a relatively common fault. CMOS on the main circuit board in the preservation of information related to the BIOS setting, the circuit needs to save the current supply of weak information, if the power supply shortage, will lead to the loss of information, which according to the F1 prompt at boot time. First of all, you check the motherboard for CMOS power button batteries, whether there is electricity, the battery is a common CR2032 battery, the normal voltage is 3V, if less than 2.8V, it should be replaced. After the replacement of new battery still, or soon prompted, so is the relevant circuit board on the problems (such as leakage), only the motherboard replacement or repair. However, this fault will not normally affect the normal use of the machine, and can not be ignored.

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