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June 28, 2017

Restart the computer repeatedly

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Q: my computer started, the hard disk light flashed faintly, and then there was no response. After more than a few starts, sometimes can be normal boot, all normal after starting, no automatic restart phenomenon. Restart under the system many times, everything is normal, but after a long shutdown time again boot, and this fault will occur. I replaced the power line and it still went wrong. My computer is configured as follows: MSI KT-3, Kingston 512MB, GeForce4 MX440, two WestJet gainward hard disk, excuse me, this failure may be caused by what reason?

Answer: frequent start the computer hardware will be great damage, so for you to reflect start-up difficulties, we recommend immediate repair, do not continue to use the frequent start times of operation to start the computer. As for the cause of the failure, should find it on the motherboard and power supply, estimated to be some components of aging caused by the fault, you can check whether the motherboard capacitor CPU around the “bulge” phenomenon (capacitance in this part of the problems most will lead to fault you reflect), if there is no test conditions or have no concept of capacitance on the motherboard, you will be sent to the host suggested maintenance department to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the focus is on the motherboard and power supply.

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