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July 4, 2017

XP system can not be installed, what should I do?

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Fault phenomenon: friend machine because of the Internet computer virus, can not enter the system, please me to reinstall the system, I took the tool disc, preferred in the BIOS selection CD-ROM started to use DM to partition hard drive, then back into the DVD system, with WinXP professional edition, CD run to the Microsoft agreement, press the F8 key reaction slowly, that comes with the WinXP partition to delete the C drive partition, no response, crashed. That is a hard problem, restart, but this crash put off some, such as format crash. After the restart, again with the DM partition after the start in the D drive with rapid format, using the Windows XP disk to copy the file 53% crash.

Troubleshooting: this problem is mainly XP system cannot be installed, think carefully, suddenly think of it is not DVD CD-ROM problem, because DVD CD-ROM used for a long time, reading quality decreased, read data can cause incomplete system can not be installed. Immediately took home the DVD recorder installed in your computer, friends, re partition into the WinXP installation disk, installed above the location, without any problems, until the installation is complete, without any exception, everything is normal.

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