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July 20, 2017

Window delayed write failure

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Q: my computer configuration is Celeron D 2.4GHz, Kingston 256MB, ASRock 865GV DDR400, Samsung 510N, WD HDD, pioneer DVD, Microsoft 500, the Great Wall power optical compact + buffalo chassis, in March this year with the. Recently, when I tried to copy something on my hard disk, the system prompted Window to delay writing failure, data loss, I do not know what happened, reinstall the system is useless, I am a little worried about whether it was JS black?
A: I suggest you use the rule of elimination, by changing the hard disk and the motherboard to check whether your system can be restored to normal. If the main board IDE port controller is out of order or the hard disk head and the magnetic disk are damaged, this fault will happen to you, so you can basically find the cause of the fault by replacing the main board and the hard disk.

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