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July 23, 2017

The computer cannot start after self checking

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Q: a friend installed a computer to help me home after playing excitedly after half an hour, said automatic restart and then display a picture, do not move, the keyboard also don’t work. There is a self-test sound on the startup, and then the keyboard light is lit. After that, the LOGO of the BIOSTAR board is displayed and then no longer move forward.
Routine analysis: there is usually a sound self noise that possibility of hardware damage little boot; checking the keyboard lights up, also shows that the keyboard is probably not damaged, then the replacement method is also proved my idea. However, after the self-test to the keyboard, and did not continue to self-test IDE device, the system crashed into the state, and can not enter the BIOS settings, a bit incredible, is it a keyboard interface error?
Solution: after minimizing the system, the phenomenon remains the same. After careful analysis, I feel that this phenomenon is a bit like the system just started to enter the dormancy phenomenon. Once again press the RESET button, you can enter the system, but just enter, the system immediately prompts dormant. I suddenly realized that the friend said “automatic restart” is this state. Immediately turn off the computer, check the motherboard plug line parts, and found that the main box, power, LED connection actually inserted in the “SLP” (sleep) jumper, no wonder the system started, entered the “false crash” state. Insert it on the correct jumper and turn on the computer. Everything is ok!

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