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July 24, 2017

How do i to do if XP can not sandby?

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Q: I’m using the XP system, but the standby options are not available now. Only the restart and shutdown options are available, whether it’s the GHOST or the reinstall disk. Excuse me, master Dong, what’s the problem?
Answer: there are several possibilities for this problem:
First, device drivers (such as CD-ROM) are in use and should be removed from the drive.
Second, running a software or a driver that has compatibility issues. After you install the new operating system, don’t install any other software and drivers, and don’t do any “optimization”. Check to see if you can get into the standby mode. If it is a driver problem, please upgrade to the latest version.
Third, there is a problem with the IDE controller driver. After you install the operating system, install the motherboard driver immediately. This driver can be found on the CD attached to the motherboard. You can also try installing the latest motherboard drivers.
Fourth, the hard disk itself has problems. First, run ScanDisk to check the hard disk and run the antivirus software check system. Next, unplug the power line, open the case, and remove all the hard disks, drives, and even floppy drives from the main disk. If the problem is not solved, let the hard disk and drive drive use separate data lines. Check whether the hard disk and drive jumper are correct. Make sure the data line is not damaged and closely connected.
Finally, if the hard disk or CD-ROM models may be relatively early, can not support the advanced standby mode, this can put CMOS in the “Power Management Setup” in “ACPI Function” is set to “Enable”, “ACPI Suspend Type” is set to “S3 (STR)”.

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