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July 25, 2017

The reason why the system restarts without reason

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My computer configuration: Gigabyte KT600 motherboard, Athlon XP 1700+ processor, seven rainbow GeForce 5600 graphics, reinstall the system, first of all to play on the motherboard VIA Hyperion 4in1 patch, then the driver for the hardware installation, but the system did not exceed CPU always It is without rhyme or reason. restart, frequency, check the temperature of only 40 degrees C, replacing the memory after the fault is still.
Answer: to exclude the hardware fittings have damage, please check the VIA via Hyperion chipset 4-IN-1 you installed version, some versions of the driver compatibility problems, such as the VIA Hyperion 4.50 4in1 driver has passed the WHQL certification of Microsoft, it is a safe full of drive, but it does exist BUG. I suggest you install VIA via HyperionPro chipset driver version.

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