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July 26, 2017

How to reinstall IE

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After the IE fails, when it is reinstalled, it is prompted to “find the version of IE in the system” and refuses to install; “add or remove programs” does not have uninstall options. “Reinstall” is to solve the IE fault “ultimate Dafa”, but also a primary user magic weapon.
1., the IE 5 reinstall, you can follow the following steps:
The first step: open the registry editor, find the [Hkey_local_machine \ software \ \ Microsoft \ Internet explorer], click the version vector button under the.
The second step: in the right pane, double-click the IE child key, change the original “5.0002” to “4”, and then click OK to exit the registry editor”.
The third step: restart, you can reinstall IE 5.
There are two ways to reinstall 2.IE 6:
Method 1:
Open the registry editor, [hkey_local_ machine, software Microsoft, found active setup, installed, components, {89820200-ecbd-11cf-8b85-00aa005b4383}], isinstalled of the DWORD value can be changed to 0.
Method 2:
In the WindowsXP installation disk, in the “start to run” window type “rundll32.exe setupapi, installhinfsection defaultinstall 132%windir%, inf, ie.inf”.

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