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July 28, 2017

How to release computer memory

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After the computer is used for a long time, do you feel the speed is getting slower and slower? Is it troublesome to have to restart the computer when you want to release memory? I introduce a very good way to release memory, simple and easy to use! Everyone thinks good words support it!
First step:
Right click on the desktop to create a text document!
The second step: edit in this text document
Mystart=space (50000000)
The third step: to save this document, the file name is “xxx.vbs””! XXX the name of the document named for yourself! The key is the suffix “.Vbs”
The fourth step: save the type as all files”
Well, your saved document is on the desktop at this time! If you double-click the text document with the mouse, is the number of memory available larger? (open explorer to see)
I’m using XP, and I don’t know if I can use it in other operating systems!

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