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July 29, 2017

How do I modify the network card MAC?

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Sometimes the reason for some applications, the need to modify the network card physical address MAC, it can be achieved by modifying the registry, but for the operation of the registry is more complex, the general computer enthusiasts is very difficult to achieve, a SMAC software can help you solve this problem.
SMAC, which allows users to convert MAC addresses on almost any NIC (network interface card, or network card) on systems such as Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Server, and Vista, regardless of whether the NIC products are allowed to modify. The author briefly describes the use of the software, for your reference.
Download and install the software, the desktop will generate the corresponding icon, double-click to run (if not running, please run the installation directory to copy the SMAC patch on the line), the main interface as shown in the figure, will modify the MAC address to fill in the “New Spoofed MAC Address”, click on the right side of the “Updata MAC” button, wait a moment, the software prompts to restart the computer, restart the computer at the request to complete the MAC address changes, also from the software interface can be seen in the software can be randomly generated MAC address, can also display product information card.

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