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July 30, 2017

The reason why the computer suddenly restarted

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Problem: Recently, the school bought a new batch of machines for our office teacher. In less than 10 minutes, someone’s machine automatically restarted. At that time no one noticed, but then there is a continuous problem, some Internet browser accidentally closed; some movie player has also been shut down unexpectedly, in short, many applications are being interrupted in the operation after a certain time, more serious is that once the use of QQ video phone will restart.
Analyze the question: think about it carefully. Why isn’t it safe to load other programs? So everyone, you say a word, I doubt the possibilities. First of all, I estimate that the system is the problem, because the machine’s hardware, businesses also said that the clone system, so if you have the same problem, of course, think of the system is left behind when the future. Say dry do, reinstall Win2000, one breath, the system installed. It’s still going well. Then install the application software. Try on the Internet right away, the old problem appears again, the browser is closed, the player is closed, and the QQ video results in the system restart.
So we assume that the problem should be on the hardware, because there are 4 memory slots on the motherboard, is memory installed problems? Note: “in view of memory installation installation and configuration of dual channel mode, please use the same specification and DDR2 memory capacity, memory and use the same CL value, and the support is equipped with two sets of memory in yellow or black memory slots”. It is suggested that you change it immediately. After a few combinations, the problem is still there. At this time, we had to take a few large parts of the machine down, and compare the instructions to re assemble, and see if we can find any new problems

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