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July 31, 2017

The EXE file was incorrectly associated

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In the production of a “.Msi” installation package, a temporary negligence, the “exe” file associated into it. After testing the installation software, it’s a big problem — all programs cannot be opened. I hasten to enter the “regedit” command in the operation, but remember that this is also the EXE file, my heart a cool: finished! It’s more terrifying than killing more than 8000 viruses last year! I really want to cry without tears! Although I am partial, but also to master pseudo beginners, dizzy a particularly difficult problem. The situation was urgent, and there was nothing special about it, so I asked master Dong for help!

You can rename “regedit” to “” or “regedit.scr”, and then you’ll be able to run properly. Find the start registry editor, “hkey_classes_root\exefile\shell\Open\command” key, the default value will be changed to “%1%”, reboot and then change the “” to “regedit.exe”.

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