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August 10, 2017

What is turbo cache?

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Q: my friend bought a GeForce 7100GS card, but it is said that only 64bit memory interface. However, businesses say its Turbo Cache technology can make up for it. Is that so? Also, for my C61 board with integrated graphics cards, can Turbo Cache work?
A: we can only say that Turbo Cache has the effect, but the effect is still far from the insufficient memory interface can completely compensate point. With the popularity of PCI Express interface, optimization techniques for the video card memory use has been greatly enhanced. Both the ATI HyperMemory technology, Turbo Cache technology and NVIDIA, they all made full use of high bandwidth PCI Express bidirectional transmission system, shared memory to complete memory function. In fact, this is very similar to the current graphics and integration, however, because the PCI Express bidirectional transmission because can obtain approximate local memory speed, and not like the ordinary integrated graphics as the overall speed. More importantly, HyperMemory or Turbo Cache can ensure intelligent allocation of memory, graphics data key is stored in the memory speed faster, which makes the data can be dynamically according to the demand of storage to memory and system memory. As for C61 and other integrated motherboards, Turbo Cache can also play a role.

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