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August 11, 2017

LCD display dark how to do?

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Q: my motherboard is KT600 CPU, AMD AthlonXP 2500+, NVIDIA graphics for the FX5200, has recently replaced a 17 inch LCD display, but finds watching movies on the LCD display, LCD graphics driver in the dark, then enter the “color correction” option to adjust the brightness of the LCD display, but no matter how to adjust the movie screen, without any change, what is the reason?

Answer: for some of the old CRT display or a LCD display, the technical indexes of low, high demand coupled with its online video film is not clear or the game resolution, the picture must be dark, the effect is not ideal, seriously affecting the movie vision. In fact, in the graphics card driver, you can adjust the brightness of video playback. In case NVIDIA card (ATI card similar), enter the graphics driver panel “color correction” option, must be in “the color change is applied to” select “overlapping /VMR”, and then you can for the video movie “Brightness”, “contrast” of regulation. As for 845GL integrated graphics, to adjust the brightness of the video film when playing in driving, driving can enter the graphic attributes of “color” option, click “video overlay” (be careful not to select “desktop”, otherwise invalid, then you can set) for video movie “Brightness”, “contrast” and “chroma” adjusted.

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