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August 12, 2017

What is the DVI interface?

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DVI is called Digital Visual Interface, and its appearance is a 24 pin connector. The work principle of DVI is not complicated. Simply speaking, the digital signals generated by the computer are output directly to the display device without any conversion. Using the DVI interface on the LCD is superior to the traditional analog VGA interface. The LCD itself can only deal with digital information, if you use the VGA interface, you must put the input analog signal into digital signal, and the DVI is a digital transmission signal, digital image information without any conversion, directly transmitted to the display device, thus reducing the cumbersome conversion to digital analog to digital process, to avoid the loss of signal, which significantly improves the display effect, the performance of image clarity and detail are improved. At present, it has become the mainstream graphics card standard interface, and most of the high-end LCD display is also equipped with DVI digital interface.
VGA interface is a common display equipment, video signal transmission and connection interface. Generally blue, generally 15 pins, also known as D-sub interface. The flat panel display is commonly used for this interface, very complete, does not affect the image quality. But the liquid crystal display is not like this. Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a pure digital display device, which displays pure digital signals.
If you have a graphics card and monitor DVI (Digital Interface) white, then please, you use the DVI cable (24+1 pin or 24+5 pin) connecting them, so the video signal has been transmitted in digital mode, the display of pure, high quality image lifelike;
If you do not have DVI display and graphics interface, then you only use 15 pin D-sub VGA analog video signal cable (blue connector) in this connection, cable video signal is to simulate the transmission mode, so that the signal from the computer graphics to display will be digitally – “-” digital simulation the mode conversion will lose part, and the analog signal cable is more susceptible to electromagnetic interference, so the display screen display effect will certainly than digital connection mode has a certain gap. Analog signals may appear blurred or flickering in the presence of inconsistent timing or phase. Of course, there are many front-line manufacturers, such as PHILPS, has excellent analog circuit control technology, can make analog interface LCD display is very close to the effect of digital interface.
So why are there many LCDs that don’t have an DVI interface, or are many users not using the DVI interface? This is because most of these users have a ready – to – use hardware system that does not have a DVI interface, and in this case, the use of analog interfaces saves substantially the overall cost.
As for the two kinds of interface to implement conversion adapter, of course, if only the analog interface LCD display, conversion of signal or through a digital analog to digital conversion, “so, this conversion is of no significance. Now you should know what the DVI interface is.

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