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August 13, 2017

What happens if the sound card doesn’t make a sound?

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My computer uses a PCI sound card, and the system is Win2000. After installing the driver, the speaker can not make any noise. What is the reason?
Answer: the first to enter the device manager, check the sound card driver if there is a conflict, if there is a conflict, you can try the sound card and conflict equipment deleted, according to first install the sound card and put other equipment in order to re install the driver, let the system to automatically adjust the fault and the motherboard is assigned to interrupt card agreement. If you can not solve the problem of fault, may be related with the characteristics of the PCI card slot pick, some PCI sound in some motherboards can only work in certain PCI slot, PCI card other suggestions will be removed, and then try to find the sound card slot, until the slot can make sound work normally, and then install the other PCI equipment.

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