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August 14, 2017

The problem of memory mix plug incompatibility

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Q: a brand machine, configured as P III, 800MHz, 815E motherboard, HY128MB memory, and later added a 128MB memory, but the total memory capacity of the motherboard recognized is only 128MB. After testing, on the computer, two memory can be used independently, but only recognize 128MB when used together. What’s the matter, please?
A: the compatibility of these two memory problems, it is proposed to replace the new memory for the use of HY chip products, the fault can be resolved. Due to the difference in electrical performance, there may be compatibility problems between memory bars, which are more likely to occur in the case of different brands of memory mixed interpolation. Therefore, when you use two or more than two memory bars, you should try to choose the same brand and model products. If you can not buy the same with the original memory products, should make full use of the good reputation of the market mainstream brand memory, they are generally through special matching and compatibility testing systems, can achieve or exceed industry standards in design and quality, components, reliability, consistency and compatibility are guaranteed.

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