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August 17, 2017

Memory can not be identified, how to do?

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Maintenance experience: long-term use of the computer host, which will inevitably accumulate too much dust, resulting in memory module contact bad, so that originally inserted two memory host, the system can only identify one of them.
The case succinctly: the author is Tsinghua Tongfang brand machine unit used in computer, the original is a 128MB memory, then add a 128MB memory upgrade to 256MB. Use has been normal. Until a few days ago, it was obvious that the speed was down, and when you looked at the system properties, you only found that there was 128MB of memory. There is also a memory bar that cannot be identified.
Solution: open the box to find it full of dust, the data line through the clutter, the two will pull down the memory, brush the memory and the memory slot on the thick dust carefully removed, and then the rubber finger wipe the memory again, and then plug in memory, boot, problem solving.
Maintenance summary: this fault enlightens us, dust on the computer and other precision electronic equipment of greater impact, often caused by a variety of nameless fault culprit. In daily use, we should pay attention to keep clean, and when we encounter problems, we should also think of solving this problem first.

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