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August 17, 2017

How to achieve the PureVideo video card?

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I like to watch HD movies very much, so I bought a GeForce 6600LE video card, which supports PureVideo technology. How can I implement the PureVideo function in the video movie? Also, how do you set the anti interleaving effects of PureVideo?
Answer: to experience PureVideo technology advantage, in addition to have a support PureVideo graphics card, you also need to install the necessary software, first install the 67.01 version of the ForceWare driver must, then you must install a NVIDIA DVD Decoder decoder, the decoder can NVIDIA to download the official website, also need to install Windows Media Player 10 player, and the version of the operating system must ensure that Windows is XP or higher. To set the PureVideo cross function, can enter the graphics driver interface, find the “interlacing” option, you can find Automatic, Film, Video and Smart four models, the Smart model (for advanced users are very familiar with the video format selection).

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