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August 18, 2017

What is the CPU cache?

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Q: Recently, friends often ask what the CPU cache is What types of CPU caches do you have?

Answer: the CPU cache can greatly enhance the CPU internal data reading efficiency, so it is an important index to measure the performance of CPU, including L1 Cache (a cache), L2 Cache (two level cache) and L3 Cache (three level cache) three, where L1 Cache is the first layer of CPU cache, due to the factors the CPU manufacturing process, L1 cache capacity is generally small. The L1 cache capacity of a general CPU is typically around 32KB~256KB. L2 Cache is the second layer cache of CPU, and L2 cache capacity has a great impact on the performance of CPU. Generally speaking, the bigger the better, and the L2 Cache used now is generally CPU in 256KB~2MB. L3 Cache (three level cache) can further reduce memory latency, and can also enhance the ability of CPU to process large amounts of data. With the full popularity of 64 bit processors, Intel has added high-speed L3 to Itanium 2 (CPU 2) and P4EE in order to further improve its performance.

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