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August 20, 2017

Beginning dump of physical memory

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Q: I have a new computer, the system is WindowsXP, recently installed ADSL broadband, using the globespan USB interface, external ADSL Modem. But the installation of ADSL Modem driver, system restart, blue screen phenomenon, at the same time with a “Beginning dump of physical memory” message window, but the ADSL Modem Windows2000 under normal use.

Answer: obviously, this is caused by ADSL, Modem, or driver incompatible with WindowsXP. If ADSL is Modem itself is not compatible with WindowsXP, can go to the official website to download the product with the latest firmware upgrade, if it is a problem with the driver, then to the website to download the latest WindowsXP driver installation. If the problem hasn’t been solved yet, then it’s only possible to replace other brands.

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