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August 24, 2017

Process Tamer hyper threading software

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Q: I saw a Process Tamer software on the forum that lets Celeron D also open hyper threading functionality. But after use, the feeling doesn’t work. Are these software useful?

Answer: many users see Process Tamer after they think they see the hope that this thread tuning priority software can even open the shielded HyperThreading hyper threading function. But in fact, the Process Tamer software from first to last no mention of HyperThreading, can not open the function. Process Tamer itself is very simple to use, after installation will be permanent system tray, real-time monitoring of the resource occupancy rate of each program, you can also customize the detection range. According to the work of Process Tamer, virtually any processor can be used, and there is no ground for the idea that the AMD processor is unsuitable for the internet. As for another version of the argument that Process Tamer can improve the efficiency of pipeline CPU pipeline, so long due to low efficiency of the Intel processor will directly benefit from this kind of irresponsible speculation is groundless statement. In fact, for any software optimization function even analog hardware function, we should calmly look at the analysis, but not to others like a swarm of bees. In those days, software such as 386to486 has a lot of self deceiving software, apparently not what our DIY enthusiasts need.

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