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August 27, 2017

How does socket 939 CPU choose?

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Q: I am a rookie, just started to learn the computer soon heard that AMD CPU is very good, with superiors said to buy buy Socket939 platform, so be yearning, I do not know “old” how do you think? Could you tell me how to choose socket 939 CPU?
Answer: Recently, 939 platform motherboard “down” a sound. I believe so, 939 days will replace the 754 platform platform The day is not too distant when. As the 939 platform product line is more confusing, we need to pay more attention when shopping. The most popular Socket 939 Athlon64 processor core now includes Newcastle, Winchester, Venice, and the latest San Diego. The Winchester core is not much different from the previous Newcastle kernel, using the 90nm process, the CPU number, and the last two is BI.
Venice is the successor of Winchester, introduced the SSE3 instruction set, improved memory controller and Winchester core CPU looks very similar, but the number two is BP, in fact, this is we often say that the E3 version, in addition there is a market it improved E6 version, fixes a lot of BUG, so if choose between E3 and E6, the best choice of the latter, please remember it the number of the last two BW. The latest SanDiego core L2 cache capacity doubled, the step code is E4, and the last two letters of the number is “BN””. When buying CPU, we can pay attention to whether authentic, and pay attention to CPU number code, do not be fooled by JS.

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