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September 6, 2017

avance sound chip

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Q: I am a rookie, recently going to study computer, usually also use the computer to access the Internet, typing practice, but also to listen to music, look at what the VCD movie, so some time ago bought a second-hand computer, want to reinstall the system, but not in the sound card driver disk, check the device manager system “display” avance sound chip “, at the same time the sound card is also close to the” TW ELECTRONICS “logo, excuse me, how can I find the driver card?
Answer: first of all, the “device manager” in the sound card driver symbol for “avance sound chip”, indicating that the sound chipset manufacturers for the avance (official website address:, and “TW ELECTRONICS” logo can only show the sound card is the Taiwan factory, to get the sound card driver, you can log on to avance the official website, and then “DRIVERS” link, and follow the prompts to download a driver download management software “Driver Detective”. Install and run “Driver Detective”, in the “Run Driver Detective” interface button, later will be transferred to a web interface, then there will be sound after the test results, finally will provide a sound card driver download.

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