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September 8, 2017

What does “CL” mean?

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Q: what does “CL” mean? What do you mean by the CL=2 and CL=3 of the memory? What’s the difference between them? Is the memory bar of CL=2 better than the CL=3 memory bar?

Answer: CL is the abbreviation of Latency CAS CPU, refers to the actual start waiting time required to read data in the received data read a column memory address instruction, CL=2 refers to the waiting time for the 2 CPU clock cycle, while CL=3 is a 3 CPU clock cycle. For today’s high-speed CPU, the length of the 1 clock cycles is minimal. Therefore, regardless of CL=2 or CL=3 memory, users in the actual use is almost no sense of performance gap. And manufacturers in the production of memory, regardless of CL=2 or CL=3, are using the same raw materials and equipment. Only after the completion of production testing, pick out the high precision, when the CL=2 sell, the accuracy is relatively low, then when the CL=3 sell. In fact, a lot of memory sold as CL=3 can also work under CL=2.

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