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September 12, 2017

AGP Aperture Size

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Q: I will contact the computer for more than 1 years, a “AGP Aperture Size” option found on the motherboard BIOS, I turn it off, the system becomes unstable, if the value is set larger, less effect, this option is what role?

Answer: actually, this is a set of options for regulating the main memory size of the video card sharing system. Generally speaking, the motherboard BIOS is the default, and the value is 64MB. Although the card has a memory, but with 3D graphics have become increasingly demanding, by adjusting the value of Size AGP Aperture, also can improve performance by using some system memory. If your graphics card is not bad, then this value is set too large, has lost meaning, and can not play a greater role, but occupied the system’s main memory capacity. If your graphics card is not very good, then set too low, when running large 3D graphics, there will be instability and crashes. As you describe, I suggest you keep the factory default.

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