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September 17, 2017

How to use fdisk

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Some friends of the hard disk partition and how to use Fdisk to partition and use “Wizard” to adjust the partition is not very clear, I’m on the hard disk partition briefly, and introduces how to use Fdisk to partition and use “Wizard” to adjust the partition.
I. Basic knowledge of partitioning
1. primary partition, extended partition, logical partition
The main partition of a hard disk, that is, the hard disk partition that contains the files and data necessary to start the operating system. The hard disk must have a primary partition to install the operating system on the hard disk.
Extended partitions, that is, partitions other than the primary partition, cannot be used directly, and must be partitioned into several logical partitions. Logical partitioning, that is, we usually see D, E, F and other disks in the operating system.
2. partition format
The format is equivalent to a lattice in the white paper, and this partition format is like this “lattice” style, a different operating system called the “lattice” is not the same way, at present the Windows partition format including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS operating system, including almost all of the support FAT16. But the FAT16 partition format hard disk is inefficient, so the partition format is very rarely used today.
FAT32 uses a 32 bit file allocation table to greatly enhance its disk management capabilities. It is the most frequently used partition format, and Win98/Me/2000/XP supports it. In general, when partitioning, King suggests that you’d better set the partitions in FAT32 format so that you can get maximum compatibility.
The advantage of NTFS is its excellent security and stability. However, except for WinNT/2000/XP, other operating systems can not recognize the partition format, so it is not possible to see partitions in this format in DOS or Win9X.
3. zoning principle
No matter what kind of partitioning software, we give a new hard disk partition set must follow the following order: to establish a primary partition to create partition extended logical partitions, to establish a primary partition to partition all formatting activation. {this.resized=true; this.width=screen.width*0.7; screen.width*0.7)’hand’this.alt=’Click here to open new; window\nCTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in/out’;} “border=0” src= “>
Two, partition with Fdisk
The simplest partitioning software is not “Fdisk” in the “Windows startup floppy disk”.
Tip: the Fdisk version attached to the Win98 boot disk is older and can’t recognize a large hard disk with a capacity of more than 64GB. Have access to the Internet users, can also go to the Microsoft web site to download the Win98 boot disk correction program boot disk to install the program after the amendment made, will be able to more than 64GB of hard disk partition.

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