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September 18, 2017

The difference between amd dual core and Intel dual core

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Q: now Intel and AMD have launched their own dual core processor, but recently I saw on the Internet about the authenticity of the dual core AMD dual core processor, emphasize their “true dual core”, and said the dual core processor Intel only “dual core” products, is not the true sense of the dual core CPU, what is it?

A; Intel and AMD dual core CPU product is not the same, the main difference between them in the internal structure of CPU: AMD dual core CPU (Opteron) two in the kernel are integrated into the same core (Die), each kernel have exclusive I/O bandwidth, can achieve a smaller in latency, and provide greater room for expansion, so that can be easily extended to become multi core duo. Intel’s dual core processor only encapsulates two separate cores, which share a system front end bus. Compared with Intel’s dual core CPU, AMD’s dual core products provide compatibility with the old motherboard under the premise of guaranteed performance, that is, as long as the BIOS is refreshed, you can use the dual core CPU on the existing Socket939 motherboard. The dual core CPU of Intel requires a new motherboard to cooperate, and the two cores share the front end bus.

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