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September 5, 2017

What is Xpress Recovery?

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Q: my motherboard for Gigabyte 945 motherboard, the motherboard supports Gigabyte Xpress Recovery function, but press F9 BIOS in the post screen when Xpress Recovery interface does not start, tried many times without success, how to start it?

Answer: start Gigabyte motherboard Xpress Recovery function, used by pressing the F9 key at boot time, but now Gigabyte has the Xpress Recovery function integrated in the motherboard with the CD driver, to boot into the press Del BIOS set, will start the order set to drive light first, then the driver CD into the CD-ROM drive, and restart the computer. When you start from the CD, the corresponding menu appears on the screen. You can use this function successfully by selecting the “Xpress Recovery” command from the menu. However, it should be noted that the BIOS Rescue feature takes about 6MB of hard disk space.

September 4, 2017

What about losing BIOS?

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Q: I built a computer last year, less than 3 months on the failure, start every time to enter the BIOS to reset the system time and CPU, memory and other parameters, get the dealer maintenance, the other helped me change the motherboard battery, solve the problem. But after half a month, the same problem appears again. How can I solve it?

Answer: every boot should reset the time, usually BIOS, in the data storage problems, the most common case is the motherboard battery is out of power. In general, the new battery can maintain at least 2 years of normal power supply. But from what you say, it’s not as simple as a battery failure. It’s impossible for the motherboard to run out of battery power so quickly. First check if the contact is bad, check the contact point of the motherboard battery, if the contact is not tight enough, can be adjusted properly, such as a small piece of copper at the touch point. Of course, does not rule out the CMOS circuit board problem, including the relevant circuit board and save the BIOS program CMOS has quality problems, such as the warranty period can be motherboard repair.

September 3, 2017

How does win7 view computer usage records?

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In life, there are always people who like to pry into other people’s privacy. If someone else without permission using your computer, you want to know the computer boot off time of the record of how to view? Many users do not understand how to operate, follow the following tutorial take a look at the win7 view computer usage.

1, right-click on the desktop “computer”, select “management”.

2, in the open window, in turn, expand the “system tools – event viewer, -Windows log – system”, in the right window, we can see the use of computer records and other information.

3, we can find an event in the right window, ID corresponds to the last 6006 of the shutdown information and event ID for 6005 corresponding to the last boot information.



August 31, 2017

Win10 doesn’t have a IE browser

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After the win10 system upgrade, many users can’t find the IE browser’s location, then you can find and open the IE browser at this time.

1, right click the start menu, select the control panel”;

2, in the control panel window, click the “program” option to enter;

3. “Enable or close the Windows function.””;

4. Tick the “ie11 browser” in the function list and click “OK””;

5. Wait for system function call;

6, enable success, click restart the computer.

August 29, 2017

How to connect WiFi of Desktop win10

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1. click the network icon on the lower right corner of the computer.

2. select the WiFi that you want to connect to.

3. click “connect””.

4. enter the password, click on “next” to connect.


August 28, 2017

How does the Windows Server 2008/2012 disable the SMBv1 protocol?

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How does Windows Server 2008/2012 disable SMBv1 services because someone recently broke the 0 Day vulnerability associated with the Windows SMB protocol?. The vulnerability can be exploited for remote DOS attacks, causing memory exhaustion in the Windows system. According to the researchers, the vulnerability analysis is the “eternal blue” vulnerability derived from the new vulnerabilities, the official Microsoft believes that the flaw belongs to the medium, not to fix this vulnerability, and recommend users to avoid by disabling the SMBv1 protocol.
Vulnerability information
[CVE-ID]: None
[vulnerability type]: Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
[hazard rank]: high risk
[system that affects]:Windows version 2000 and above to run SMBv1 protocol
Two, vulnerability analysis
Unlike a DDoS attack initiated by a common botnet approach, an attacker can exploit the vulnerability with a single machine to cause the target Windows system to crash. According to the safety of dogs preliminary analysis of nonpaged pool Windows kernel (non-paged pool) on the treatment of memory allocation problems, may lead to memory pool depletion. A remote attacker can cause all available memory allocation by sending Windows SMB message system specially opened 139 or 445 ports, the operating system will be dead in all memory, but will not record the log or the system blue screen, so the remote attacker can use loopholes in the implementation of DoS attack.
Three, investigation methods
1, Windows Server 2012 check SMBv1 status method:
Open the “Windows PowerShell” program in the start menu, enter and execute the following instructions on the command line:
Get-SmbServerConfiguration Select EnableSMB1Protocol |
If Ture is printed, the SMBv1 is opened.
2, Windows Server 2008 check SMBv1 status method:
Open the run program in the start menu, execute the regedit command, open the registry, add SMB1 in the following registry subkey, type REG_DWORD, and set the value to 0:
When the SMB1 value is 0, the SMBv1 state is disabled
When the SMB1 value is 1, the SMBv1 status is enabled
Four, emergency handling methods
Note: please backup the data before you repair it and test it fully.
1. close SMBv1
A) Windows Server 2012 method of closing SMBv1
Run commands in power shell:
Set-SmbServerConfiguration -EnableSMB1Protocol $false
B) Windows Server 2008 disables SMBv1
Use the Windows PowerShell or registry editor

August 27, 2017

How does socket 939 CPU choose?

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Q: I am a rookie, just started to learn the computer soon heard that AMD CPU is very good, with superiors said to buy buy Socket939 platform, so be yearning, I do not know “old” how do you think? Could you tell me how to choose socket 939 CPU?
Answer: Recently, 939 platform motherboard “down” a sound. I believe so, 939 days will replace the 754 platform platform The day is not too distant when. As the 939 platform product line is more confusing, we need to pay more attention when shopping. The most popular Socket 939 Athlon64 processor core now includes Newcastle, Winchester, Venice, and the latest San Diego. The Winchester core is not much different from the previous Newcastle kernel, using the 90nm process, the CPU number, and the last two is BI.
Venice is the successor of Winchester, introduced the SSE3 instruction set, improved memory controller and Winchester core CPU looks very similar, but the number two is BP, in fact, this is we often say that the E3 version, in addition there is a market it improved E6 version, fixes a lot of BUG, so if choose between E3 and E6, the best choice of the latter, please remember it the number of the last two BW. The latest SanDiego core L2 cache capacity doubled, the step code is E4, and the last two letters of the number is “BN””. When buying CPU, we can pay attention to whether authentic, and pay attention to CPU number code, do not be fooled by JS.

August 26, 2017

How do I encrypt folders?

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I’m using the Vista home edition, and I want to encrypt some files and folders. I wonder if it can be implemented
Vista does provide this functionality, but only the Windows Vista Enterprise (commercial Advanced Edition) and Ultimate (Ultimate) provide system level security protection for BitLocker. In addition to BitLocker, we can also use EFS for more flexible data protection in Windows Vista. EFS can store files or folders in encrypted form on the hard disk, so that encrypted files or folders can only be opened by authenticated users with the correct certificate. It is necessary to point out that EFS can only be used in the NTFS file system on the hard disk, and the compression function with NTFS is not used at the same time, that is to say, for a specific file, if you use a file compression function, then will not be on the implementation of encryption. In addition, it must be clear that the Windows, Vista, Starter, Windows, Vista, Home, Basic, and Windows Vista, Home, and Premium versions of EFS support are not complete, only partial functions can be implemented.

August 25, 2017

AUX and MIC interfaces

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Q: I have an audio interface on my case panel. How do I connect this front audio interface?

Answer: the front audio interface to connect the case, according to the manufacturer’s design and production of different following two methods: the first case panel not connected to the motherboard slot, only marked “AUX” and “MIC” with two terminal connection line. At this point, the correct way to connect is to mark the “AUX” terminal connection line and sound card Speak out interface to connect, will be marked with “MIC” word terminal connector and sound card MIC interface can connect. The second is: the chassis panel is equipped with audio cable, as long as the instructions in accordance with the main board instructions, the audio cable connected to the corresponding motherboard slot.

August 24, 2017

Process Tamer hyper threading software

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Q: I saw a Process Tamer software on the forum that lets Celeron D also open hyper threading functionality. But after use, the feeling doesn’t work. Are these software useful?

Answer: many users see Process Tamer after they think they see the hope that this thread tuning priority software can even open the shielded HyperThreading hyper threading function. But in fact, the Process Tamer software from first to last no mention of HyperThreading, can not open the function. Process Tamer itself is very simple to use, after installation will be permanent system tray, real-time monitoring of the resource occupancy rate of each program, you can also customize the detection range. According to the work of Process Tamer, virtually any processor can be used, and there is no ground for the idea that the AMD processor is unsuitable for the internet. As for another version of the argument that Process Tamer can improve the efficiency of pipeline CPU pipeline, so long due to low efficiency of the Intel processor will directly benefit from this kind of irresponsible speculation is groundless statement. In fact, for any software optimization function even analog hardware function, we should calmly look at the analysis, but not to others like a swarm of bees. In those days, software such as 386to486 has a lot of self deceiving software, apparently not what our DIY enthusiasts need.

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