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August 5, 2017

How to enable ATA133 mode

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Computer configuration for the Foxconn 756K8AA-RS motherboard, 512MB DDR memory, 400 star standard Hitachi 80GB motherboard and hard disk, support ATA133 mode, I should how to open this pattern?

Answer: if you want to start ATA133 mode, first download the latest version of the motherboard driver, install the motherboard driver, and then restart the computer. At the same time, we should select 80 line quality guaranteed ATA133 hard disk private line, and pay attention to the ATA133 hard disk dedicated line blue (some black, yellow or red) head connected to the motherboard. Restart the computer, click on the “equipment management” in the “device driver” attributes, such as hard disk and display specific attributes in the “DMA” option disappeared, said it has opened the ATA133 normal mode.

August 4, 2017

What about computer screen problem?

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Q: in 2004 the computer assembly, configured as Celeron D 320 (Foxconn copper radiator), Gigabyte GA-8I848P-G, Kingston 1GB motherboard DDR memory, 120GB hard drive, Seagate UNIKA 9518 frostwing version of graphics, before everything is normal, after entering the summer, enter the system after a period of time and Huaping crash, in exchange for a new card also so, CPU, graphics card cooling is good, how to resolve?

Answer: because the replacement card failure still determined not card, because the previous system is normal, so can eliminate driver compatibility issues, the first may be a memory appeared in the “physical” fault, is a component of the memory is “destroyed”, as long as the temperature is high (but just machine no problem, therefore, will not appear on alarm) failure, resulting in huaping. It is recommended that you pull each memory down, test it, find the memory that is out of order and replace it. If it is not memory problems, that is the motherboard problem, after the boot temperature increases, the motherboard some parts of the problem, in general, is the capacitor. Suggest you get to the dealer there to check the motherboard.

August 3, 2017

How about display jitter?

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Q: my monitor was bought last year. When I used it recently, I found the jitter in the lower right corner of the screen. How can I solve the problem of display jitter?

Answer: try degaussing function display, if the fault still, and then check whether the right side of the screen display on speakers or televisions and other electronic equipment, because the magnetic field interference of electronic equipment, the display is very easy to appear similar fault, if no external electromagnetic interference around the display, so it should belong to the display itself, please get businesses where maintenance.

August 2, 2017

How to improve memory stability

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Q: after upgrading the memory and optimizing the memory, I feel that the system is unstable, mainly for long periods of download, occasionally crashes, and sometimes it suddenly exits during the course of playing games. How do you improve memory stability, please? I need to make sure where the problem is.

A: from your description, there may be a memory problem. It is recommended that you first set up the memory working parameters (restore the memory parameter to the default state), and avoid installing multiple memory bars. Then you can test the software to see if there is a stability hazard. The use of conventional software performance Super Pi test can test the stability of memory, but if you want to further accurately detect memory quality, you can use the DocMemory Diagnostic test, it is nicknamed “the memory of doctor”. DocMemory Diagnostic uses rigorous testing algorithms and procedures to test the basic memory and extended memory of a computer without having to remove the memory.

August 1, 2017

What about the CPU frequency error?

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My computer adopts 845PE motherboard, P4 1.7GHz processor, 512MB DDR400 memory, recently upgraded a P4 2.6C GHz processor, installed on the motherboard to boot, enter the Windows system is also very stable, but the boot CPU frequency is shown as P4 1.3GHz, may I ask how to do CPU frequency error?

Answer: because the P4 2.6C GHz 200MHz FSB (i.e. 800MHz front side bus), and then 845PE board launched the 800MHz FSB CPU has not come out, until the later 800MHz CPU front side bus after the launch, many manufacturers began to upgrade the 845PE motherboard, so it can support the 800MHz front bus. Your 845PE motherboard may belong to a column that does not support the 800MHz front end bus. You can increase the support for the 800MHz front end bus by upgrading the motherboard BIOS. If you can’t upgrade the BIOS, you can only replace the motherboard.

July 31, 2017

The EXE file was incorrectly associated

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In the production of a “.Msi” installation package, a temporary negligence, the “exe” file associated into it. After testing the installation software, it’s a big problem — all programs cannot be opened. I hasten to enter the “regedit” command in the operation, but remember that this is also the EXE file, my heart a cool: finished! It’s more terrifying than killing more than 8000 viruses last year! I really want to cry without tears! Although I am partial, but also to master pseudo beginners, dizzy a particularly difficult problem. The situation was urgent, and there was nothing special about it, so I asked master Dong for help!

You can rename “regedit” to “” or “regedit.scr”, and then you’ll be able to run properly. Find the start registry editor, “hkey_classes_root\exefile\shell\Open\command” key, the default value will be changed to “%1%”, reboot and then change the “” to “regedit.exe”.

July 30, 2017

The reason why the computer suddenly restarted

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Problem: Recently, the school bought a new batch of machines for our office teacher. In less than 10 minutes, someone’s machine automatically restarted. At that time no one noticed, but then there is a continuous problem, some Internet browser accidentally closed; some movie player has also been shut down unexpectedly, in short, many applications are being interrupted in the operation after a certain time, more serious is that once the use of QQ video phone will restart.
Analyze the question: think about it carefully. Why isn’t it safe to load other programs? So everyone, you say a word, I doubt the possibilities. First of all, I estimate that the system is the problem, because the machine’s hardware, businesses also said that the clone system, so if you have the same problem, of course, think of the system is left behind when the future. Say dry do, reinstall Win2000, one breath, the system installed. It’s still going well. Then install the application software. Try on the Internet right away, the old problem appears again, the browser is closed, the player is closed, and the QQ video results in the system restart.
So we assume that the problem should be on the hardware, because there are 4 memory slots on the motherboard, is memory installed problems? Note: “in view of memory installation installation and configuration of dual channel mode, please use the same specification and DDR2 memory capacity, memory and use the same CL value, and the support is equipped with two sets of memory in yellow or black memory slots”. It is suggested that you change it immediately. After a few combinations, the problem is still there. At this time, we had to take a few large parts of the machine down, and compare the instructions to re assemble, and see if we can find any new problems

July 29, 2017

How do I modify the network card MAC?

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Sometimes the reason for some applications, the need to modify the network card physical address MAC, it can be achieved by modifying the registry, but for the operation of the registry is more complex, the general computer enthusiasts is very difficult to achieve, a SMAC software can help you solve this problem.
SMAC, which allows users to convert MAC addresses on almost any NIC (network interface card, or network card) on systems such as Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Server, and Vista, regardless of whether the NIC products are allowed to modify. The author briefly describes the use of the software, for your reference.
Download and install the software, the desktop will generate the corresponding icon, double-click to run (if not running, please run the installation directory to copy the SMAC patch on the line), the main interface as shown in the figure, will modify the MAC address to fill in the “New Spoofed MAC Address”, click on the right side of the “Updata MAC” button, wait a moment, the software prompts to restart the computer, restart the computer at the request to complete the MAC address changes, also from the software interface can be seen in the software can be randomly generated MAC address, can also display product information card.

July 28, 2017

Windows and office Installation

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1 For Windows 
For Windows XP/7/8/10/Server, you can download from our link then burn the iso file onto DVD disc to install on your PC !
If your PC is preinstalled with Windows XP/7/8/10/Server, you do not need to download from us, you can activate it directly, but do choose the right Edition !
2 Office Product
For the Office product, you need to download the .exe or ISO file, before you install on your PC, First you might have to remove your previous or preinstall edition, then install the official download version !

How to release computer memory

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After the computer is used for a long time, do you feel the speed is getting slower and slower? Is it troublesome to have to restart the computer when you want to release memory? I introduce a very good way to release memory, simple and easy to use! Everyone thinks good words support it!
First step:
Right click on the desktop to create a text document!
The second step: edit in this text document
Mystart=space (50000000)
The third step: to save this document, the file name is “xxx.vbs””! XXX the name of the document named for yourself! The key is the suffix “.Vbs”
The fourth step: save the type as all files”
Well, your saved document is on the desktop at this time! If you double-click the text document with the mouse, is the number of memory available larger? (open explorer to see)
I’m using XP, and I don’t know if I can use it in other operating systems!

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